A wedding should be perfect since there aren’t any reruns. Perfection, however, need not be sterile and uptight. On the contrary, Fräulein Feiertag thinks: A wedding ought to be a highly personal event, representing all that is you. It is your special day. In fact, what if it were something to enjoy in peace and quiet, leaving sufficient head space for the thrill of anticipation? We clear the way so that all you have to do is savour everything this incredible day has to offer, with its magic and in all its splendor. No room left for any kind of worry. Just let us know what you are imagining and watch it unfold in our capable hands. Seating arrangements, the table decor, atmospheric music, a DJ; we work our magic in the background so that your experience of enchantment can take center stage. An eye for detail and a heart for love are our support for you. Want the full day planned or only partial support? We are there to help you get the best start into your married life.