Who doesn’t remember their own birthday parties fondly?  Doesn’t that make you jump up and want to provide the most awesome and amazing parties for your own offspring? However, isn’t your child’s birthday party also a great opportunity to relax and celebrate parenthood? We say: Absolutely, yes to all of the above! Forget about guilt and gain the peace of mind and quiet you need to thoroughly enjoy this day. In order for you to be truly relaxed, we have several options available for the youngsters’ parties.


We have picked the most popular themes and wrapped them up into an all-inclusive package deal. You pay a fixed price and get exactly what it says on the tin. A string of countless party children can’t be wrong: you’re getting a celebration with a personal touch: exciting for everyone yet tried and tested.


Customized Parties

Can’t find your favourite theme? Imagining something entirely different? You are in safe hands with Fräulein Feiertag: Nothing is too odd or outlandish for us to turn it into reality for you. The parties we have planned in the past few years serve as a great treasure trove of experience and provide us with sufficient amounts of composure, even in the most delicate of times. We’ll rock each and every bash you can imagine, motto or none - as long as it’s beyond pin the tail on the donkey.